My Partners


PXG provides me with the best clubs out there! I feel more confident that I will reach the top with PXG clubs in my bag. Check out my clubs here!


Whether its getting around the community or hitting the course, E-Z-GO is my first choice in personal transportation. Check out their products here!


I'm excited to join the CapTech team - one that values surfacing insight from data as much as I do. Approaching my game from an analytical perspective has really let me take it to the next level!


My partner in fitness, wherever, whenever I happen to want to get going. Check it out here!

As an LPGA Tour Professional, I love working out with FlexIt Virtual Personal training wherever I am, whenever I am available! Whether I’m on the road or in my home gym, I get an awesome workout tailored for my needs in a live, 1-on-1 virtual session. My trainer guides me through the workout and gives me feedback on form so I can target the right muscles and avoid injury. FlexIt helps me improve my fitness to get the most out of my golf game! Whether it’s lifting some iron in the gym or swinging an iron on the course, FlexIt is always there for me with the most convenient, safe, effective, and FUN way to work out!

Titleist & FootJoy

With the ProV1X ball by Titleist, the StaSoft gloves and a variety of shoes by FootJoy, I'm well equipped each time I step out on the first tee.


Whether is a Spark in the morning with my vitamins or a shake after a workout, Advocare is part of my daily routine. Check out more here!